We all fell in love with them in a hurry when they came out with "Fixer Upper" in 2013.  Then they left.  But now, it looks like they're coming back!

If you've never seen the show "Fixer Upper," it was huge.  It was a renovation show that revolved around a married couple named Chip and Joanna Gaines.  Chip was the hilarious husband who made wives across the nation roll their eyes, but they were smiling the whole time.  Joanna had an eye that could take the most dilapidated, aged, beaten up houses and make them look like a dream home from a magazine.

Chip and Joanna Gaines gave people the courage they needed to take a leap and do that renovation that they've been dreaming of.  They taught them how to love "Demo Day!"  They trained people to see the potential in homes that had been given up on years ago.  Then they would do the math to show you that if you bought a house for dirt cheap, then fixed it up to make it your own, you would be able to have a dream home for much cheaper than trying to build one from scratch.

They were my favorite show to watch on a Saturday morning.  But then, they went away to take care of other business.

Obviously, they were successful in just about everything they did.  From home decor lines, to clothing, and restaurants...before they knew it, they had a portfolio that was very time consuming.  Plus, they had a family of children that they wanted to watch grow.  You couldn't blame them for not wanting to do a TV show at that time in their lives.  But it left a bit of a hole in the lives of their fans.

Now though, they're coming back.  They've decided to start up their own network.  It will be filled with others who might just spark a little inspiration in your life too.  It's called Magnolia TV.  To kickstart it, Chip made this announcement:

They're coming back!!

If we ever needed another reason to get through 2020, we've got one now!  Bring on 2021 and the new episodes of Fixer Upper!



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