I've lived in Western New York my entire life.  I've been through the October storm and Snowvember and this year I have felt colder than ever.  Is it really that much colder now than it was when I was a kid?  According to LiveScience.com, there are a few things that could be adding to that chill.

It may seem weird, but that cold feeling might have something to do with more than just the weather.

1.  Not eating enough.  It's kind of like keeping a log on the fire.  Your body deals with the cold better when you've had enough to eat.  And the same thing goes for staying hydrated.

2.  Being on medication.  Drugs that treat high blood pressure, can make you more sensitive to the cold.  So can some medical conditions, like hypothyroidism.

3.  Being over 60.  Not much you can do about it, but here's why:  Shivering is your body's way of keeping warm by making your muscles spasm.  But as you age, it doesn't work as well.  And you don't develop the ability to shiver until you're about two, so babies don't do it at all.

4.  Being used to warm weather.  Simply put, if your body is used to warm weather, you won't deal with the cold as well as people who live there.

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