The Fourth of July for most consists of cold drinks, steaks on the grill, chillin' with friends, and watching fireworks blast across the sky in an array of colors. Unfortunately,, not everyone in Niagara Falls will get to have all the fun mentioned above. Due to the problems New York State is having with the Seneca's over casino revenue, the city's annual fireworks display has been the latest victim with the annual light show being canceled.

According to WGRZ, The city council of the Falls unanimously voted against Mayor Paul Dyster's proposal to authorize $25,000 in funding for the annual fireworks display. One council member, Chris Voccio, stated that the city cannot afford any extra expenses right now. He had this to say:

"Funds are tight in the city of Niagara Falls," Voccio said. "We just felt that considering the constraints we have financially, the best bet was to vote against it. That's why it was unanimous."

In addition to the fireworks themselves, Voccio said the Independence Day event also requires money for fire and police patrol because of problems that the crowds sometimes cause residents and local shops. The mayor responded to the turned down proposal with this statement:

"We thought that with the budget of over 90 million dollars that it's a relatively modest investment to make for our most important national holiday. But at the end of the day, the city council decides what we do and don't spend money on."

Both The Seneca Nation and Canada are still expected to hold separate fireworks displays in Niagara Falls. Check out the Full Story Here!

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