Would you take a bullet for your brother? OK, how about your frat brother? OK, how about your soon-to-be frat brother that you met a few weeks ago?

Didn't think so.

Oklahoma State University student Owen Hossack, 22, is facing a max of 10 years in jail over a terrifying hazing incident in which he asked some pledges if they would 'take a bullet for their brother'. He pleaded not guilty to felony counts of pointing a loaded weapon at another with intent to threaten.

Alpha Gamma Rho pledges were traveling in a car with Owen when he pointed a loaded gun at them and shot it, shattering a window in the car. His intent was to scare the pledges, and that's exactly what he did. Owen yelled at them about what it means to be an AGR and fired the gun through the window.

According to one of the pledges, before he shot the window, he had the barrel of the gun up against their necks.

Imagine getting that phone call from your kid!

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