Ready for it? The cold and frosty air is almost here and it's still summer on the calendar!

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The National Weather Service in Buffalo, NY is calling for the temperatures to drop over the weekend and the overnight low temperatures are going to be frigid.

The cold air is early this season. After record setting heat and a dry summer, the fall won't officially be here for a few more days.

I hate to rush things. But the fall weather here in the Western New York area can't be beat. The warm day and chilly nights make for great sleeping and comfortable days to work and play outside. Although the snow and cold can be an inconvenience, the way this year has gone, it will be nice to have something else to do like ski or go sledding when it gets here.

The weather is expected to stay cool for a few days and the pumpkin picking patches and corn mazes are open this weekend! It's as if Mother Nature heard the news and was giving us the perfect weather to match the mood.

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