There's no avoiding it.  We are getting a whole lot of snow.  So we can either just sit inside and avoid it, or we can have some fun with it.

Of course you're probably going to want to wait until tomorrow or maybe even Friday to give this a try, but hey you can consider today a planning day.

When we were kids, we would have snow sculpture contests.  Everyone would go out in the front yard, or the lawn at school and we would make the piles and piles of snow into really cool snow sculptures.  Add some food coloring and we had a whole day outside.

But what would you sculpt?  Anything really...

Snow doesn't always have to be rolled up into balls and stacked on top of each other.  You can really make it into some really cool stuff.  Check out this video for some inspiration.

Inspired yet?  When these temps jump back into the 20's, give them a try!  But don't forget to share them with us!

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