The bets time of the year is here! From cooler air to changing leaves, this is what we wait for all year! Have you been near a store or restaurant lately? It is all pumpkin spice!

Here in Western New York, we love a good theme and Halloween has it all for us with plenty of great things to see and do and most of them are great for families. The next big event to look forward to is the return of one of the biggest and best trick-or-treating events of the season.

The 29th annual "Galleria of Treats" is scheduled for Monday, October 30th from noon until eight p-m. Kids will be able to wear their costumes and trick-or-treat throughout the mall.

All proceeds will go to benefit the American Cancer Society of Western New York.

We have four kids and aside from waiting for Christmas, Halloween is ALL they talk about. As far back as April, our three boys were plotting and planning their costumes and even coming up with ideas for what I should be. So far, the kids have suggested Captain Jack Sparrow, Sponge Bob Square Pants and Luigi from Mario Brothers.

Halloween in Western New York is one of the most exciting times and the Galleria Of Treats has to be the best way to get candy in a safe, warm and friendly place. Everyone one of us remembers those Halloweens that we spent walking through the snow and cold to get the candy!

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