The forecast is calling for the temperatures in the Buffalo, New York area to be much warmer than normal over the next few days. The long, cold days that we are used to are not anywhere to be seen. Perhaps you find you are driving more these days? There may be some good news.

The spring is still weeks away. But over the weekend there seemed to be people everywhere and the roads were packed with drivers taking advantage of the good weather. Car washes had one of their best weekend's yet as the sunshine was bright and clear for two days around the Buffalo-metro area.

Traveling this week? Gas prices and diesel prices seem to be coming down a bit. Don't get me wrong. I still think they are outrageous but every little bit helps.

According to Triple A

Those who drive trucks for a living and the industries that count on diesel are truly getting hammered by prices. With diesel prices well over $5, it is hard to run a business or survive in New York State these days. There doesn't seem to be much help coming as New York State seems all-in on the push to remove fossil fueled powered vehicles.

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