We heard it could happen, and now it looks like it's coming to fruition. 

Just a few weeks ago, many drivers in New York state were hoping to see gas prices drop to $2.99, but due to an increase in crude oil prices, that wish may not happen for a while longer. 

A few weeks ago, Patrick De Haan, head of petroleum analysis from GasBuddy, shared via Twitter that gas prices were going to go up. 

And now, they have. 

Gas prices have increased by approximately 8 cents since last week on a national average, according to GasBuddy

Luckily for us, Erie County and Niagara County have two of the lowest prices across Western New York. 

As of Monday morning, the average prices Western New York are: 

  • Niagara County - $3.356
  • Erie County - $3.449 
  • Chautauqua - $3.613
  • Cattaraugus - $3.527
  • Allegany - $3.569
  • Wyoming - $3.458
  • Genesee - $3.310
  • Orleans - $3.580

While prices are down from a month ago at this time, they have jumped up from last week by about 6 cents on average across the state. 

In Western New York, we haven’t seen a direct effect of this incline, but now we know it’s coming based on the rest of the state. 

To find the cheapest gas station in Western New York, you can download the GasBuddy app and it will show you the most updated gas prices at gas stations near you. 

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