As the race to get as many people vaccinated as possible continues, there are more and more companies and organizations trying to use it to their advantage. If you love beer, there is a company that has what you want, for free...with a catch.

According to reports, Samuel Adams is serving up a cold one to people who get protected against coronavirus.

Starting this week, post proof of a vaccination to Instagram or Twitter. The photo can be a sticker or an arm with a bandage on it. But it must include the hashtag "Shot for Sam" and tag "Samuel Adams beer." In return, seven-dollars will be sent through the Cash App to enjoy a free beer at a bar or restaurant.

We are so lucky to have as many great beer brewers here in the Buffalo area. Even during this pandemic, we have seen more new breweries pop up or expand. From Hamburg to Ellicottville and in downtown Buffalo, you can find a new and different place to have a glass of beer or two!

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