This could be the prefect job for those who love to travel and those who love the finer hotels.

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According to the report, the lucky winner simply needs to judge the linen quality and provide blog posts about their stay. The job starts next year. Those interested must apply on Tielle Love Luxury's website by December 10th.

There is nothing like a good, comfy hotel bed! For my wife and I, we always think back to the days when we could stay in bed on vacation and just sip on coffee and watch the news. If we were to stay in a hotel these days, it would be with our three little boys and that would change the experience dramatically.

Some of my favorite memories from childhood are our trips to Niagara Falls! Getting to stay in a hotel, with a pool! That was a simple and yet, amazing experience for us. There are so many cool things that hotels have to offer. But for most, it is just a place to get some rest and store your luggage while you explore or go to a conference.

But getting paid to travel and check out some amazing hotels would be pretty amazing!

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