One of the most disappointing things about a pandemic is not being able to enjoy the things we love this summer. Even the Langford Tractor Pull has been cancelled for 2020.

The news about Langford came out more than a month ago. It's the right call to cancel. However, it is a hit to the Langford - New Oregon's finances. Like many other tractor pulls and events this year, the funds won't be coming in that these groups and organizations count on.

Hopefully you can find ways to support your local volunteers and organizations in some other ways. If you need to get some tractor pulling in to your system this summer, thank goodness for great videos like this one.

There are some places around the United States that did not have as strict guidelines as we have had in New York. As the state hot the hardest by the outbreak, New York State was quick to shut down and close public places and work areas. The risk is still there for COVID and other states are seeing a rise in cases.

Enjoy what is left of the summer of 2020. By this time next year (and boy does time truly fly by), things may improve and we could be talking about the best tractor pull season yet!

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