The short answer? Yes, and here’s what we know. 

On Wednesday night at approximately 11:22 pm, Maria Improta wrote on Facebook that she noticed something weird was happening to her home. 

In the Village of East Aurora, her house lost partial power. 

Not only that…the street lights started flashing, and all of the houses suddenly went dark. 

Maria was not the only one. 

Fellow East Aurora resident James Navagh responded with, “The street lights are blinking on Pine Street.”

The affected area started to spread, and it almost looked like a ghost was traveling through one home, knocking out its power, then restoring it after jumping to the next home on the street. 

John Kopera joined the Facebook thread, and he said that only half of his house worked. 

Normally, a power outage would trigger in the whole household, but the partial power outage makes it seem like there’s a supernatural being behind the weird electricity. 

I mean, how else do you explain it?

There is the Supernatural Roycroft Ghost Walk which sits right on South Grove St. in East Aurora, so maybe the supernatural beings are going on a little ghostly walk of their own?

Another thing that’s weird is even though the power in their house was mostly off, some people reported that they could charge their phone. 

And how many times have you heard a story where a ghost communicated by pushing a book out of the bookshelf or by slamming a door? It makes sense that a ghost could talk to us through the power of lights, too.  

After all, the Netflix show Stranger Things proved that it could be possible or within the realm of believability that supernatural beings could communicate through lights. 

The outage went all the way from 400 to Maple, and it was sporadic throughout the night; however, the issue seems to be resolved by now. 

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