The spring is here and the end of the school year is coming! There are few things more exciting for high school students than their junior or senior proms. Here in New York State, there may be a new trend for prom that has gotten some attention on social media around the nation.

Remember how nervous you were to ask someone on a date or to prom? The "promposal" trend made it even more challenging because not only were you facing a rejection, you were also being critiqued on the quality and creativity of the way you asked a potential date to go with you to the prom.

Here in the post COVID pandemic era, there is something new that makes prom a little more exciting and a little more "natural".

The GOAT date trend on TikTok has high schoolers looking for places that rent goats. It is all in good fun and shows respect to one of the greatest all time athletes. According to NYPOST:

...dozens of teens planning to graduate in 2023 are virally posing with goats ahead of prom.

The critter craze amongst the Gen Z’ers is partly an ode to Jordan, 60 — who famously donned the No. 23 jersey during his storied tenure as a basketballer for the Chicago Bulls.

The prom season is here and in New York State, you never know what the weather will bring. You may have found the perfect dress and now you may need to find the perfect goat for that photo. Have fun, be safe and good luck with the goat rental!

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