This definitely one of those feel-good stories, especially if you're a dog lover like myself.

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According to WGRZ, a 7-year-old golden retriever named Scout, who belonged to WeatherTech founder and CEO David MacNeil, was stricken cancer when a tumor was discovered on his heart.

Scout was given just a 1% chance to live but MacNeil wanted to do everything he could to save his dog. So, the University of Wisconsin School of Veterinary Medicine cared for Scout and he underwent chemotherapy and radiation therapy and in a month's time, the tumor shrunk by 79%.

Less than a year after the diagnosis, Scout the golden retriever was deemed a cancer survivor.

To show his gratitude towards the University School of Veterinary Medicine, MacNeil purchased a $6 million Super Bowl ad that will run during Sunday night's big game.

“We wanted to use the biggest stage possible to highlight Scout’s story and these incredible breakthroughs, which are not just limited to helping dogs and pets. This research will help advance cancer treatments for humans as well,” MacNeil said.

The commercial is called "Lucky Dog." Be on the lookout for it during Super Bowl LIV!

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