There is some good news for those who drive in Western New York. If you have a trip planned or have to drive for your job, you'll be glad to know that gas prices are startling to fall around town.

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The prices in Irving have been up a little lately. They were down to around .$90 a couple of months ago. The lowest i saw this past weekend was $1.65.
According to Triple A, the average cost for a gallon of regular gas is $2.20. That's down a penny from last week and is two cents cheaper than this time one month ago. The state average is two-18 a gallon while nationally it's one-97.
A good resource is That site generally has a great list of gas stations and their pricing.
As the summer approaches, you will most likely see more cars on the road as many people will be taking road trips as an alternative to flying and being in large crowd when they travel.

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