Looking for the perfect Instagram pic that will make all of your friends jealous, while also helping a good cause? Get ready for the spectacle of a lifetime taking over Buffalo’s Delaware Park this Tuesday. 

This year, Buffalo is celebrating the 200th birthday of Frederick Law Olmsted. Olmstead, most famous for helping to design New York City’s Central Park and considered by many historians to be the father of landscape architecture, played an integral part in creating the United State’s first and oldest coordinated system of public parks and parkways right here in Buffalo. As an homage, the City of Buffalo and the Buffalo Olmstead Parks Conservancy (BOPC) have been putting on several events - one of the biggest (literally) being Tuesday, June 21st. 

As part of the festivities, the BOPC will attempt to take back the Guinness World Record of the “longest line of garden flamingos.”

We last held the record in 2018, when Buffalonias stretched 1,500 FLOmingos along Bidwell Parkway in Elmwood Village, but the record was stolen from us by Frip Island Resort in St. Helena, South Carolina in 2019, where they successfully lined up 3,753 plastic garden flamingos that stretched over 4,832 feet long.

For the record to officially count, each FLOmingo has to be touching face-to-face or tail-to-tail.

You can “adopt” your own FLOmingo for $20, two FLOmingos for $30, three FLOmiungos for $40, four FLOmingos for $50, and five FLOmingos for $60. All proceeds from the FLOmingo adoptions will help support the attempt, as well as the BOPC’s mission and celebration of Olmsted’s 200th birthday. Afterward, you can take your FLOmingos home and proudly display them on your lawn or in your garden to show off a piece of (awesome-looking) history. 

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