As New York slowly becomes un-paused one group of business owners are fighting back for their chance to re-open.

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As Western New York entered Phase Four over a month ago, local gyms remained closed by order of the Governor Andrew Cuomo.

Today, they are "fighting" back and holding rallies in their business to voice their displeasure with the Governor's order to keep them closed.

According to WGRZ, over 15 different gyms across the state will hold organized rallies to protest them being closed including Catalyst Fitness on Maple Road in Amherst.

"We cannot stress enough how important regular workouts are to our members," Catalyst Fitness owner Amy Bueme said. "Every day we listen to our members tell us how regularly working out has ‘saved their lives’ by alleviating a myriad of physical and emotional ailments.

This is not the first time gym owners have done something to fight against being forced to close.

Back in July, several gym owners came together to file a class-action lawsuit against the State, citing a loss of millions of dollars and staff reductions because of the state's COVID-19 re-opening plans.

Most gyms in the state have been shut down since March 16th.

Some gyms have offered their member's alternative plans during the pandemic including online classes and even outdoor classes in their parking lots.


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