At The Golden Globes Awards on Sunday, a reporter was trying to impress Hailee Steinfeld.  Instead, she playfully corrected his jersey choice.

It's no secret that Buffalo Bills quarterback Josh Allen is dating Hollywood actress Hailee Steinfeld.  She's been spotted not only with Allen but with his family and also supporting him at a couple of games.

So when a reporter who is also a member of the Bills Mafia flashed a jersey at her, she turned the tables on him just a little.

Why did Ralphie Aversa have a Bills jersey with him at the Golden Globes

Ralphie Aversa is a reporter for USA Today.  He is also from Lewiston, New York and a proud Bills fan.  Not only does he have it in his Twitter bio, but he made sure to take a picture of him holding up his Stefon Diggs jersey while standing on the red carpet at the Golden Globes while he was conducting interviews.  He said he brought it along simply for that photo op.

The only problem was that it was the wrong jersey

When Aversa saw Hailee Steinfeld on the red carpet, he figured he would take a chance to connect with one of our newest Mavia members.  He quickly pulled the jersey out and got her attention to make sure she saw that he was a Mafia member too.  While holding it up he asked, "How are you feeling about tonight?"

She responded with a thumbs up and a "good."  But then after taking a couple of steps, wanted to make sure that he knew he was holding up the wrong jersey.

You can see her say, "Wrong number though," as she continued to walk.  Aversa responded by saying that he had the Allen jersey but he left it at home because he was superstitious.  The Bills did have a game that day after all. Then he said the Buffalo goodbye, "Go Bills." and she walked away.

His superstition may have paid off.  The Bills went on to win that night and will now be headed back to Buffalo to take on the Pittsburgh Steelers and a chance to advance in the playoffs.

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