The people of Western New York seem to answer the all to help when a neighbor is in need. A family in Hamburg,NY has reached put to get financial help to cover significant medical costs of their infant daughter's surgery.Over the Easter weekend, I received this note from little Hannah's dad..

We're a couple from Hamburg and listen to you guys all the time. We were just wondering if you could share our story with your followers? Our daughter is going in for her 3rd surgery this Monday & shes only 3 months old. We truly appreciate it.

I am also a resident of Hamburg and am passing this on to you in hopes that you may be able to help this family and their beautiful daughter.

All proceeds will go to the Pula family to absorb some of the current and future financial hardships.

Here is part of the story I was given from Hannah's dad, Jimmy.

In late October Jimmy and Jill Pula received devastating news that their unborn child was diagnosed with Myelomeningocele, the most severe form of spina bifida. Myelomeningocele is a birth defect where there is incomplete closing of the spine and membranes around the spinal cord, which could lead to developmental problems and mobility issues. Because of the incomplete closure of the spine, the baby was also developing Chiari II Malformation with hindbrain herniation, where the brain was being pulled down the back of the neck and spinal column.

After the tough decision to have fetal surgeries performed, Hannah is still getting treatment and surgeries as recently as this past Monday. The link below is for the Go-Fund Me page that has been set up to assist the Pula family.



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