It was a scary rideshare encounter for a Hamburg woman early Sunday morning.

Sarah Wakefield, a 23-year-old woman from Hamburg reports her Lyft driver pulled into Hoak's parking lot and got in the backseat with her.

WKBW reports, "She says the driver, whose Lyft profile says MD Sumon, asked her to sit in the front. She says she felt uncomfortable and told him no, she was going to sit in the back."

The driver then pulled into a parking lot and got into the backseat.

Wakefield told WKBW, "I told him to get off me, and that we needed to get going," she said. Wakefield says she had to physically push Sumon off her lap."

She got the driver to go back in front and continue the ride, and reported the attempted assault with the Town of Hamburg Police Department.


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