Ok...last night I did a hack to take eggshells off of hard-boiled eggs by shaking them in a container.  It worked!  But some people had questions...

When you see these things online, you're rightfully skeptical that they will work.  I mean, if they worked, why don't more people do them?  And why aren't we using this method instead if it's so easy?

The answer is...they don't always work.

Last night I posted a hack where you could the shell of a hard-boiled egg just by placing it in a container with some water and shaking it up.  Crazy enough, it worked.  The shell came right off.

But today, smarter people than me asked if it would work for eggs that were already chilled.  It's a fair question.  The ones that I used were right out of the pan and I had to crack them before I put them in to be boiled.  So what about the eggs like the ones that you would color that weren't cracked at all?

Well...let's try it!

I had to try it two different ways.  The first way was in the exact same plastic container that I used last night.  That didn't work.  I'm not sure if I didn't shake it as hard, but no luck using that container.

I also tried it in a glass mason jar.  I saw this as another method online too.  That seemed to work ok for the eggs that were cooked with the crack in the bottom.  However...eggs that were in perfect shape, like the ones that you would use to color for Easter eggs...not so much.

So I would say, that if you're using the eggs for things like egg salad or deviled eggs, this method will work just fine.  And it works best straight out of the pan.

But if you're planning on trying the ones that you colored for Easter, you might need to shake that jar a little longer.  It didn't work for me.

Give it a try and let me know how it worked for you on your wyrk app!

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