It’s officially spooky season, and while most people are getting their pumpkins ready or planning their next trip to a haunted house, you may be tempted to go somewhere that’s really haunted. 

Buffalo, New York has quite a few landmarks around the area that are said to be haunted. Buffalo Central Terminal, the Iron Island Museum, and the Dunkirk Lighthouse are just a few of those places that are haunted around Western New York, but there are so many more spooky landmarks than that. 

How Haunted Is Western New York?

Recently, Buffalo, New York was named one of the best cities for ghosts, ranking #51 out of all U.S. cities, but if you want to get to the state’s most haunted restaurant, you may have to go on a bit of a drive. 

While a trip to the Great Pumpkin Farm or a hayride at Becker Farms may be enough for your October needs, some of us feel inspired to go on a bit of a ghost hunt, and according to the official website for New York Upstate, one of the spookiest landmarks in the state is actually a restaurant about 3 hours north of Syracuse. 

What Restaurant Is Haunted?

Spanky's Diner is located in Massena, NY  at 3 N Main St. The reason it's said to be haunted is because it’s extremely close to a local graveyard called the Adath Israel Cemetery on Maple St. 

Photo Credit: Canva Image, Google Maps
Photo Credit: Canva Image, Google Maps

Paranormal Activity Reported Near Spanky’s

Customers and workers have reported that they feel another being in their presence, with windows closing, doorknobs turning all by itself, and machines turning on and off without any assistance. You can read more about those ghost encounters here

Do Customers Enjoy Their Diner Experience?

If you ask someone in Massadena, they would tell you that Spanky’s Diner serves some of the most amazing breakfast food, so people love to eat there. Plus, it has that classic vintagey diner feel, and the ghost stories make customers even more curious about the restaurant. 

If I was a ghost, I think I’d hang out at Spanky’s too. Free refills on coffee, right? 

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