Do you remember Myspace?  It was one of the first very popular social media websites.  I remember when I made the move from Myspace to facebook and never looked back.  Now, it seems like that trend is about to continue.

Only this time, it's facebook that is seeing a mass exodus of users.  A new study suggests that a huge number of people (61% of the subjects) are "voluntarily taking a break" from the site.  Either they have no interest in maintaining their page, or it's just not as exciting as it used to be.

I still use facebook every day.  But I'll admit that I'm one of those people who could leave the site and not miss it.  It's just easier to use Twitter to catch up with people and it seems easier to avoid the stupid games and chain letter like updates.  Granted, people (including myself) often misuse that site too with statuses that are absolutely ridiculous (example:  I just had a banana for dinner.  Weird right?)

Will facebook soon be a thing of the past?  Have you quit using that site already?  What was it that drove you away?