First of all, stop worrying about how many friends you have on Facebook. Nobody cares but you.

If you brag to someone about how popular you are because you have over 1,000 friends on a social networking site, you may be kind of pathetic. As a matter of fact, bragging is the #1 reason why people get un-friended, according to a new survey.

Don't get me wrong, Facebook is still a pretty great site. It's an opportunity to check in with friends you may not have seen in a while, share pictures of what's going on in your life or share an article that you really liked very easily. But here is a list of 10 reasons why people are sick of being your friend online.

Top Ten Reasons For Un-Friending

1. Bragging 68% - Glad to hear that your kid is doing well in school.  Not so glad to hear about it every day.
2. Gushing / lovey dovey updates 61% - You found the love of your life?  Great! (sarcasm)
3. Don’t see them in real world 57% - Who the heck is this person anyway?
4. Too frequent 49% - If we know what you had for breakfast lunch and dinner, you're using the site wrong.
5. Annoying status updates 41% - Complaining about how terrible your landlord is and keeping us updated every time you contacted them and they didn't get back to you....we don't care.
6. Inappropriate photos 34% - Not only can they offend people, probably not good for the job search.
7. Too personal 27% - have diarrhea?  Don't really need to know.
8. Bad language 22% - Glad you made it past 5th grade.  We wish your vocabulary did too.
9. Friending our friends 14% - You don't know my friends.  This is just you trying to up your friend number and it's annoying.
10. Jealous of their holidays 11% - could afford a vacation to the Caribbean?  So glad to see it while I'm here in my cube...still.

I would like to add one to the list:

Political posts - You know about half of the people on your page agree with you...but that means the other half probably doesn't. Plus, it's supposed to be a social network. Same rules apply as normal conversation. You're right, you have the right to post it. I also have the right to un-friend you for it.