The newest and largest SUV we have seen in quite some time is about to hit the highways around Buffalo.

If you have a large family, there is nothing like having the proper amount of space. Even though our boys are just little guys right now, the car seats and strollers and all the other gear that we travel with is more than I ever imagined. Since the pandemic began, many people have changed their travel plans and that includes more trips.

This new Jeep could be exactly what your family needs if you are going over the river and through the woods to grandma's house or a long trip to Florida for the summer.

The new Jeep is not cheap. It will range anywhere from $60,000 to $111,000. It does come with all the latest technology and bells and whistles and is a far cry from the station wagon your mom and dad put you in for the trip to the beach.

My wife and I owned an Expedition for a couple of years. And even though it was nice to have the space, at the time it didn't make sense because of the issue trying to park and gas mileage. When the pandemic began, we decided to switch to a more economical car/SUV to haul the kids around.

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