Let's be honest, every year around June and July, you hear the occasional firework in your neighborhood. Maybe its a bottle rocket or some other form of firework when the sun goes down.

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But has anyone noticed it's happening, almost every night?

I live in South Buffalo and for the past two weeks, constant fireworks have been going off every evening in our neighborhood...and I literally mean every night. Sometimes they last until 10 or 11 p.m.

My family and friends live in areas such as Amherst,  West Seneca, and Hamburg and they're also hearing fireworks on a nightly basis.

The one reason I can come up with is because of the pandemic, most, if not all, firework displays have been postponed or canceled this summer, so folks are taking it upon themselves to conduct a homebound firework display.

I'm pretty sure our dog thinks the world is coming to an end, as she runs to our bedroom every night around 8-9 p.m. when the seemingly nightly firework displays start in our neighborhood.

Have you heard constant firework displays in your area?

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