Jana Kramer has a brand-new single to share. Press play below to hear the song, called "I've Done Love."

Written by Josh Osborne, Nicolle Galyon and Shane McAnally, "I've Done Love" compares love to drugs and alcohol in terms of its ability to turn lives upside down. In the second verse, Kramer sings, "My tongue still knows the taste of ecstasy ... but it ain't a thrill inside a pill that makes a junkie out of me."

"I've taken hits, woke up hungover / Gone on benders, stone-cold sober / Slammed the door right off the hinges / Hotel rooms and midnight binges / Risked my life, had to much of things I swore I'd never touch," the chorus of "I've Done Love" says. "So don't tell me I've never done the hard stuff / 'Cause I've done love."

Galyon produced "I've Done Love." After having lunch with Kramer, Galyon instantly thought of her when McAnally brought the song up during a writing session.

"After knowing Jana’s story," Galyon tells CMT, "it felt like it was just sitting there waiting for her.”

In October of 2016, Kramer revealed that her first ex-husband, Michael Gambino, was physically and emotionally abusive to her, even once nearly killing her. Kramer admitted at the time that she stayed married to Gambino because she was "ashamed" and "terrified to tell anybody."

Following her marriage to Gambino, Kramer was married to actor Johnathon Schaech and then was engaged to Brantley Gilbert. She married Michael Caussin in 2015, and the couple welcomed their first child, daughter Jolie Rae Caussin, in January of 2016; however, they are currently separated.

Listen to Jana Kramer's "I've Done Love"

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