If you’ve ever thought, “Man…my incredible camera on my phone could really use an old school vibe,” then this new app could be for you.  It makes your new phone old school.

Remember disposable cameras?  There was a little viewfinder, sometimes the flash worked, and sometimes you would only get about 5 pictures from them when you picked them up from the place where  you took them to be developed because the others didn’t turn out.

That was before digital cameras.  But now, you can use your phone camera to get that same look!

It’s the Huji App and it literally says it “makes your moments as precious as the feelings of analog film with old memories.”

I took this one just to show you how they turn out.  Check out the date is even in the bottom right corner like old photos used to have!

(Townsquare Media/Brett alan)

Many stars are using the app as a filter for Instagram to give their pictures a rich warm feel.

Let's be honest though.  Don't you get a warm feeling looking back at old photos?  The nostalgia brings you back to when things were great.

(Townsquare Media/Liz Mantel)

Want to give it a try?  You can find the app here:  Huji App