Hmmm, would you ever do this?

Joshua Opperman was engaged to the 'love of his life'. Nine years ago, Opperman returned to the apartment he shared with his fiance of three months to find that she'd moved out and left a note and the engagement ring on the table.

He originally bought the ring for $10,000, but when he tried to sell it to a jeweler, they were going to give him about a third of what he paid for it. It was a hard hit, for it was all the money he had nearly saved his entire life. So, he came up with an idea:

An online jewelry auction site called "I Do…Now I Don't." The site connects buyers looking for a deal with people who want to get rid of their rings.

Users on the site range from those with failed marriages and broken engagements to people with financial troubles. One seller, reported Business Insider, was lucky enough to find a diamond-encrusted gold band on the beach.

Looking back, his fiance leaving was a blessing in disguise.

But, guys: Would you buy someone else's ring for your girlfriend? Your love of your life?

Ladies: Would you care if your man bought a pre-bought ring that once was meant for someone else?

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