I almost rolled over laughing. A woman who was being cheated on by her husband decided to get some revenge by posting a Craigslist ad.

"Husband left us for a piece of trash, selling everything while he is gone this weekend with his floozie. I want the house empty on Monday when he returns because that will be a shock for him to see. So come pick out what you would like Saturday and Sunday at 8 a.m.," the ad read.

The scorned woman had a yard sale that had people packed on her front lawn on porch all day long (I bet there were some great deals too!).

She also explained in the ad that after their 10-year marriage ending like this, she didn't mind selling his favorite couch or the "lots of tools which he didn't have a clue how to use."

"Don't come too early (like he did) because I will be thoroughly enjoying some wine with my girlfriends this evening as we clean out all this stuff and likely be nursing hangovers in the morning. So please speak softly to the ladies wearing the sunglasses."

Good for her!

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