The winter of 2022-23 is going to be a record setter but not for what we are used to seeing. Sure, we will get lots of snow. But the bigger story of this upcoming season will be the cost to heat your home.

We are all trying to stay afloat in these difficult economic times. Finding ways to cut costs has become the new normal after the COVID pandemic and that means coming up with ways to be energy efficient. But for some homeowners in Erie County there may be some relief coming in the form of a tax break.

Channel 2 is reporting that some are calling for a tax break when you purchase various fuels this fall.

This, according to Lorigo, this would include heating fuel such as coal, oil, wood, wood products (such as pellets) and propane.

UPDATE: There is now a push to include natural gas!

This would be a huge benefit to so many in Erie County. Most of the rural residents in the southern part of the county rely on propane for their heat, cooking and water heaters. I used to have a home in East Concord and every fall had to make sure the tank of propane was full. Unlike the regular natural gas bill that most get, it was an upfront bill that was pretty hefty. Since then, prices for propane, like most fuels, has gone through the roof! I really hope that this becomes reality for my friends who live in areas in which the only option is wood or oil or propane.

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