The summer is officially here and already people across New York State are complaining about the heat and the bugs. In New York City, there are plans to take care of one of the complaints.

The wet weather in April may have lead to a spike in the amount of bugs, ticks and mosquitoes that we are seeing here in New York. There is no doubt that you have been fighting off black flies when you are in the park or the backyard. They may be small, but they pack a bloody bite! But the next issue will be the nasty mosquitoes and there will be a massive effort to prevent the spread of the West Nile virus in New York.

There are reports that soon you may see or hear helicopters

According to the Health Department, on Thursday, Friday, and next Monday, weather permitting, a helicopter will spray parts of the Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens, and Staten Island.

They'll avoid residential areas but warn that people who have respiratory issues should stay indoors and wash fruits and vegetables that might be exposed.

As far as the black fly issue, there are some natural ways to keep them from eating you alive.

So what is the answer to black flies? They seem to attack and be gone before you have a chance to even slap back. There are some things to keep on hand or keep in mind.

Black Fly Season In New York State

What about those black flies that are all up in your face lately? They seem to bite and be gone quickly and leave you itchy and red for days!

According to, we are in the peak season for them.

Black flies typically mate in the late spring or early summer, depending on the latitude. Like mosquitoes, only female black flies bite as they require blood to fertilize their eggs and will suck blood from virtually any warm-blooded creature they can find.

How To Repel Black Flies

For the most part, the black fly season is short. But this year more and more people are complaining about multiple bites and red, itchy skin. The Farmer's Almanac says that there are some natural ways to keep the bugs off. For example:

Some recommended natural repellants include vanilla extract, lavender, and the extract from pine branches — just break open a young branch and rub the moisture from inside on your skin.

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