Halloween will be here before you know it, so it's time to put your plan of attack in place.  It's hard enough getting the kids costumes together, right? That's why I put together this list of the best neighborhoods in Buffalo and Western New York to go trick-or-treating in. It's one less thing you have to worry about now.

When picking a neighborhood, of course, you want to make sure it's a safe place for you and the kids, but also, you want to get the good candy!  That's important.  These neighborhoods are in no particular order.

1. Amherst/East Amherst/Williamsville

@PearsonFlyer says,

Come on out to East Amherst, we're giving out full size bars, and we're not the only ones.

@bri12789 says,

Kaymar Dr. in Amherst is the rich street of the school district, lots of full size candy bars!!

@curiousboopy says,

Williamsville, east amherst

@DesiredHappiness says the richer, the better, so hit the Williamsville area,

You could just go to a big rich subdivision or 2. Tons of them in Williamsville and East Aurora.

2. North Park/Parkside in Buffalo

@thealtoclef says

In the city of Buffalo- Parkside neighborhood near the Buffalo Zoo. Jewett, Summit, Crescent, etc. I used to live in the neighborhood and frequently saw families driving their kids in to trick-or-treat.

@planet_rose also recommends the parkside area,

I live in North Park and we usually get about 150-200 kids on Halloween. Big sidewalks, well-lit, long streets. Lots of decorated houses. We didn’t do it last year, but will this year. I expect this year will be huge.

@nodawhoa says,

In the city? - Parkside neighborhood is festive and light on traffic.

There is definitely a consensus that the North Park area is a great place to trick-or-treat, @Random_user_name_3 says,

Can confirm. I live in Parkside. Tons of kids in the neighborhood, and we give out a lot of candy.

@MisterBisker275 says Parkside has some festive decorations too,

Parkside if you're in the city! Tons of trick or treaters and not much traffic, plus some great decorations.

@krom0025 says,

Come to the park meadow neighborhood. Elmwood to Delaware and Amherst to Nottingham terrace. I get at least 300 kids. Lots of fun. Great participation.

3. East Aurora

@buffalogirl01 says,

Village of East aurora!!

@PassageElegant agrees that East Aurora should be on the list,

In the city - Elmwood Village. In the burbs - Williamsville or East Aurora.

@root_vegetable even has a suggestion of where to start your route in East Aurora,

seconded, come see the gigantic spider/bat decorations on Oakwood [Avenue] and go from there

@Papa_Radish says,

I think if I were out of town and could pick from any neighborhood, I'd do ToT in East Aurora. It's very charming and I imagine people really get into Halloween, but tastefully.

@MurphysParadox agrees that East Aurora is a good choice,

Outside the city, Hamburg puts on a good show with many houses going big in decorations and setting. East Aurora is also a solid choice with a good density of houses on easy to traverse streets. Obviously everything is dampened by covid, so it is hard to say what things will be like.

Google Maps
Google Maps

4. Tonawanda

@tyrannustyrannus suggests Tonawanda as a safe place to bring the kids,

Most of the streets off of Glenalby in Tonawanda are streets you would only drive down if you lived on them. Super safe and friendly. Lots of families bring thier kids out there, I can't speak for all my neighbors but I have candy to spare if it gives kids a good Halloween

@sir__andrew agrees,

Kenmore/town of Tonawanda.

@keyboard_blaster also says,


5. Kaistertown (The night before Halloween)

According to @nicedriveway Kaisertown apparently is such a popular trick-or-treating spot that the news shows up,

Beggar's Night in Kaisertown (city neighborhood bordering Cheektowaga and W. Seneca) - the news usually shows up. Your kids will stock up. There used to be haunted house (someone's carriage house) on Weimar too but with COVID, who knows.

@No_Childhood7717 says there's lots of candy given out in the neighborhood,

I live on the last street if Kaistertown before west Seneca. I easily go thru 600 pieces of candy every year. Lots of kids and parents. No problems ( as far as needing the cops). Lots of decorated haunted houses.

@dew22 says,

Kaisertown on beggars night, the night before Halloween

@jwnikita says,

Come to Kaisertown on Beggar’s Night (October. 30). Basically it’s between Clinton St. and Seward St. (north south)and South Ogden to Houghton Academy basically. It’s a blast and tons of decorated houses.

@baudelairean also recommends Kaisertown's Beggar's Night the day before Halloween,

Come to Kaisertown on October 30th evening (they do beggar's night there) and hit up a neighborhood with a lot of decorated houses on October 31st.

@viciann says,

Clinton street /Kaiser town the day before Halloween (Beggars Night) the only part of town that does this.

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Surprisingly, many WNYers who weighed in on the topics warned against Elmwood Villiage,

@CourtsideRecovery said the adults ruined it,

I live in the Elmwood Village and don't pass candy out anymore. I used to, but then trashy adults kept coming to our door to "trick-or-treat" and it completely ruined it for me. And we're talking a lot of adults too, it was creepy.

@gfro9191 suggests that the fact that renters live in Elmwood Village may be why it isn't as good as it used to be,

I just moved to the Elmwood Village and a friend told me that we shouldn't expect many houses passing out candy because the area is mostly renters. Is this true?

@jellogoodbye says,

Depends what part of EV. When we trick-or-treated pre-covid we'd get ~1 house per long block (including both sides).

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