The Bills still have to play on Monday Night Football at the New England Patriots but it's not too early to look at some playoff matchup scenarios for the Bills in the Wild Card round of the NFL playoffs.

The Bills already have won the AFC East division and since the Kansas City Chiefs won on Sunday, they have locked up the number one seed throughout the AFC playoffs (assuming they don't lose before the Super Bowl), so the Bills will host a playoff game in round one.

They can still finish as the number two seed and would jump Pittsburgh with a win over New England tonight.

Assuming the Bills win tonight, here would be all the playoff matchup scenarios in round one, courtesy of YardsPerPass.

If the Bills beat both New England and Miami, then the most likely playoff matchup would be the Dolphins.

If the Bills beat New England and lose to Miami, the most likely playoff matchup would then be Baltimore.

...but let's say the Bills lose to the Patriots tonight, but then beat the Dolphins next week. The most likely playoff matchup would then be Indianapolis.

If the Bills lose both games, then they're once again favored to play Miami.

It should be noted that these are most "likely" scenarios, and the Bills would play Miami, Cleveland, Baltimore, Indianapolis, and even Tennessee, although that has a small chance of happening.

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