If you plan on having a real Christmas Tree in your home this year, here are some things you should be looking for when you are out shopping for one.

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Here are some easy steps to take to make sure you pick the Perfect Christmas Tree this year.

  • Before you even leave the house, make sure you measure the space where you plan on placing the tree. The worst thing is to get a tree that is too tall or short for your room. Also, make sure you know what style you want...Tall and Skinny, Tall and Full, Short and skinny, etc....
  • Touch and smell the trees...Shopping for a tree is like shopping for fruit. The smell and touch of the branches and pine needles can tell you a lot about the tree. Lightly push down on the branches. If lots of needles fall out, skip that tree. You want the tree to retain the needles. Crush a couple of needles in your hand. If they don't smell skip the tree. You should get the smell of evergreen when you crush some needles.
  • Shake the tree and bounce it gently once or twice. It shouldn't lose a lot of needles. If it does, that means the tree is already drying out..skip it.
  • When you get home or before you load it up on your vehicle, make sure to get a fresh cut at the bottom of the truck. A lot of tree lots will cut it for you. The new cut should be about an inch up the truck.
  • As soon as you have the tree up, make sure to give it PLENTY of water! Most trees will "drink" up to a gallon of water for the first two days. Make sure to watch the water level until it becomes steady.

Good luck with shopping for your tree and remember this should be a fun event. Grab the whole family and pick out a tree that everyone likes!


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