Mattel Is Turning Barbie, Matchbox Cars Into New Toys!

Moms and dads,even though you shelled out plenty of money for them and you have spent hours cleaning them up around the house, you may be wondering what you can do with the old toys your kids have laying around. You are in luck, there is finally a solution that will also remove some of the guilt you feel when you think about tossing items from your son or daughter's childhood!

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According to the report from CBS News,

To participate, consumers can print a free shipping label from the Mattel website, then pack and mail their old toys back to the company. Those toys will then be sorted by material type so they can be recycled.

Our oldest is turning 5 this summer and we already have more toys than we can handle scattered all over the house! We have tried to organize them, store them in different locations in the house, rotate them around the house and even offer to donate them but always felt guilty or the kids got mad because suddenly that it their favorite toy! The Toy Take Back is a great option for parents who have either lost the fight and are overwhelmed by toys or who have kids that have grown out of their Barbie and Matchbox cars.

As for the next generation of toys, we live in a digital age so I can imagine that the new toys will have some sort of digital interaction to keep the kids entertained. Wouldn't it be cool if the toys knew how to put themselves away?

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