WalletHub has ranked American cities in terms of how green they are. The factors that go into this include green job opportunities, greenhouse gas emissions and other positive environmental factors

Buffalo, has surprisingly done very well on this list! It looks like Buffalo lands at number 13 out of 100 cities according to the WalletHub study.


One thing that I have always been a stickler on in terms of being green is trying to get our house to be as energy efficient as possible. Whether that would be new windows or the most energy efficient heating and cooling system as well as energy-efficient water heating systems, I’m constantly trying to figure out how we can cut energy costs.

I believe that taking care of the environment and approaching a new way of being green starts at home. It may be something that is minor but I always try to encourage our kids not to litter and to try to reuse or recycle things that we can at home.

This is a great honor for Buffalo and the western New York area. In the future most cities will try to adapt and change to become as green as possible and Buffalo seems to be ahead of the curve on this.

Being green and protecting the environment for future generations is something that we can all do. Even if it is in some small way like beginning to recycle more often at home or trying to use less energy or figuring out a way to become less reliant on fossil fuels, it’s on us to make that happen.

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