The lines at the Department of Motor Vehicles can be, well, less than ideal. Depending on the time and what you're there for, it can eat up a good chunk of your day.

But now, there's a way you can skip the lines at the DMV and help out someone in need.

According to WGRZ, Erie County Auto Bureaus will be offering a "Fast Pass" for the DMV to anyone who donates blood at a ConnectLife Neighborhood Blood Donation Center.

Erie County Clerk Mickey Kearns announced that the program started on October 1st.

The program encourages people to donate blood, as someone every two seconds in the U.S. will need blood.

You can visit any of these ConnectLife donation centers:

  • Southgate Plaza, West Seneca
  • Eastern Hills Mall, Williamsville
  • 96 Niagara Street, Tonawanda

After you donate, your "fast pass" for the DMV will be good for 45 days and can be used at any of the six auto bureau locations in Erie County.

To make an appointment or learn more, visit ConnectLife's website.

Read the story at WGRZ.


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