As if 2020 hasn't been hard enough on everyone, there is another shortage to worry about this year and it is not so sweet!

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According to at least one report, there may be a shortage of the ingredients that you use for those delicious Christmas and holiday cookies this year.

There are other things that you can leave for Santa if you find that you are without cookies this year. Perhaps it is time to get creative? The common things that you might take on a road trip would qualify as good snacks for Santa. Things like Slim-Jims, Sour Patch Kids, Combos, pretzels, and chips could all be a last-minute addition to the plate for Santa and his reindeer.

2020 has been challenging but, at least for our family, it seems to be flying! We had a baby at the start of the pandemic and he is already 10 months old and starting to crawl around the house. Cookies are a must-have in our house!!

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