There have been rumors over the years that one Western New York town has a hidden waterfall, but nobody has been able to find it…until now. 

Sure, there are a few waterfalls that we know of, like Horseshoe Falls in Niagara Falls and a smaller one in Williamsville at Glen Park, but there is a secret waterfall that has been right under our noses this whole time, and we’re only just figuring it out. 


The rumor was…there is a waterfall somewhere at Knox Park in East Aurora, and we have been trying to pinpoint its exact location. 

A Facebook post in the East Auroran Facebook group asked for some feedback:

“Does anyone know if there are in fact hidden waterfalls [in] Knox Park? If so, how do I get there?!”

To our surprise, there were a few Western New Yorkers who actually knew where the falls had been hiding. 

If you have ever seen a car pulled off and parked on Knox Road close to where the house was built a few years back, right before the sharp bend, that’s where a lot of people will park to reach the waterfall. There’s a mowed trail over there where you could walk north on to take you up into the woods into Knox Farm, according to one East Aurora resident. 

The entry point to the trail that leads to the waterfalls is on the south side of the road, but you can follow the trail along the tree line heading South. Then, you will come to where it takes you into a wooded area, as long as you follow the trail, and the waterfall is shortly after entering the woods. 

You can even sit on a bench there in memory of a local resident. 

While the waterfall is not very big, it is a treasure in Western New York. There’s a few areas where you can walk around and get closer to the water, but there is a trail in the South West direction that becomes very steep and runs along a ridge line – serious caution is advised on this trail, especially when it comes to young children. 

A map from the Friends of Knox Farm website allows you to figure out the location on the map of the hidden waterfall, which is hiding on the small patch of green on the map opposite the main farm.

Some East Aurora residents warned that the waterfall may be dried up now, but it usually makes a return, so watch for that hidden gem next time you visit Knox Farm in East Aurora. 

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