There was a scary situation at the Walden Galleria last week, and many people are worried if it will affect their holiday shopping. 

It’s crazy to think that Christmas is already a week away. Where did the time even go? If you are scrambling to “wrap” up your Christmas shopping, the best place to go to take care of all the people on your Christmas list is the Walden Galleria. There’s tons of stores in the mall, and they’re easy to pop in and out of. 

However, one person in Western New York had a troubling experience after their latest visit to the Walden Galleria following one of the busiest shopping days of the year: Black Friday.

One resident from North Tonawanda went to do her holiday shopping at the Walden Galleria when she overheard someone shouting outside the mall.

She shared this photo on Facebook:

“This thing has been walking around the malls and started saying ‘All people must die.’ We saw him Black Friday weekend at the Walden Galleria!“

If the person was at the mall during Black Friday weekend, it makes you wonder if there’s a chance as to whether or not they may make another appearance during the holiday season. 

While it doesn’t sound like this individual has been around since, it is important to be aware that it happened recently. With everyone trying to finish their holiday shopping, you already know that foot traffic in the stores will be up. 

If you see this individual with the samurai sword by the mall, it would be a good idea to report it to local law enforcement, as it’s better to be safe than sorry. 

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