Josh Allen is all the hype right now, and everyone is going crazy over our QB. Understandably so, right? I mean, this year is our year. 

While we’re only a few weeks into the season, you will be able to see our QB all over Western New York. 

In other towns, a football team would only get this much attention after winning the Super Bowl, but the Bills Mafia is unlike any other fanbase in America: we Billieve, year after year, that we can do this. 

And one Bills fan has used her creativity to create a one-of-a-kind lawn decoration for her yard. 

What Is The Lawn Decoration?

Sandy Arden, who lives in Western New York, has crocheted a seemingly-close to life-size Josh Allen, a Buffalo Bills football flag, a cheerleader, a firefighter, AND another spectator. 

The display is called, “Buffalo Loves Josh.” 

Last year, Sandy created a crocheted-version of The Golden Girls (Bea Arthur, Betty White, Rue McClanahan, and Estelle Getty), which ended up winning a scarecrow contest. 

What Scarecrow Contest Is In Clarence?

Every year, there is a scarecrow contest in Clarence Hollow that showcases a ton of handmade scarecrows, including those who are made at home, in school, or your workplace. Registered scarecrowers hung up their scarecrow creations at the end of September in their assigned spots, and the winners will be announced October 5th.

How Long Will The Scarecrows Stay Up?

The scarecrows will be up throughout the month of October, and they will come down – at the latest – by November 3rd. 

There is a Halloween bar crawl in Clarence Hollow on October 28th, so that may be a great weekend to see all of the handmade scarecrows! 

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