It looks like the Dog Days of Summer will be here in Western New York soon than later.

We can expect to see some Hot and Humid weather here in the 716 starting this Sunday.

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The National Weather Service in Buffalo is calling for temps in the mid to upper 80's starting this Sunday, but with the humid weather, we could see the Heat Index get as high as 95 degrees in some areas in Western New York.

The "Heat Index" plays a big role in how the temperatures affect your body. According to the National Weather Service, The Heat Index is calculated by taking the actual temperature and using the relative humidity to figure out the Heat Index. (You can use this Calculator HERE)

Here is how the index can affect your body if you are outside.

Caution80°F - 90°F - Fatigue possible with prolonged exposure and/or physical activity

Extreme Caution - 90°F - 103°F - Heat stroke, heat cramps, or heat exhaustion possible with prolonged exposure and/or physical activity

Danger - 103°F - 124°F - Heat cramps or heat exhaustion likely, and heat stroke possible with prolonged exposure and/or physical activity

Extreme Danger - 125°F or higher - Heatstroke highly likely

If the heat index gets too high, you are encouraged to stay inside in air condition or try to find some shade and limit your time outside.

It looks like the best chance for a high "Heat Index" is on Sunday where we could see the high temperature around 89 degrees. As we get thru the week, we will see some rain and thunderstorms move in cooling down the area.


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