If you have ever walked into a hotel room and reconsidered staying there, you’re not alone. 

Fortunately, Buffalo has many clean, quality hotels in the area, so it would be rare to experience that uncertainty around here, but there are some spots in every hotel room that are dirtier than others. 

The Dirtiest Part In A Hotel

Before you even get into your hotel room, one of the dirtiest spots you will encounter is the elevator. The buttons are pressed by so many different people, coming in and out of the elevator, and there are tons of microorganisms living there. You’ll definitely want to wash your hands before you touch your eyes, face, or any soon-to-be-consumed food. 

Sheets, pillowcases, and comforters may be switched out in between hotel stays, but the fabrics can hold germs within the follicles. Actually, some people like to bring their own blankets just to steer clear of the risk. 

But perhaps the most overlooked part of the hotel room is the TV remote, which is rarely disinfected, if at all. 

The Cleanest Part Of A Hotel

Ironically, the cleanest part of the hotel is the bathroom. It often receives the most attention when someone checks out of the room.

According to Study Finds, the most common infections that you’ll pick up from a hotel room are “tummy bugs – diarrhea and vomiting – along with respiratory viruses, such as colds and pneumonia, as well as COVID-19.” 

Make sure you pack some hand sanitizer on your next vacation…and maybe a spare blanket, too! 

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