O.J. Simpson is dead at the age of 76. 

His family confirmed on social media Thursday morning that the former Buffalo Bills running back lost his battle with cancer on April 10th, surrounded by his children and grandchildren. 

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Simpson was inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 1985, with his name still on the Wall of Fame at the Bills’ Highmark Stadium. He was a popular public figure in his retirement, starring in a variety of endorsement commercials and making cameos in films like The Naked Gun franchise. 

However, Simpson is most well-known for standing trial for the double murder of his ex-wife, Nicole Brown Simpson, with whom he had two children, and her friend, Ronald Goldman, in 1995. The trial was watched by millions around the world, and Simpson was eventually acquitted of the crimes. Years later, Simpson was convicted to 33 years in prison for a 2007 Las Vegas hotel robbery, and was released for good behavior in 2021. 

O.J. Simpson mug shot
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How Did O.J. Simpson Die?

Many didn’t even realize that O.J. Simpson was sick. According to several sources, Simpson was undergoing treatment for prostate cancer in Las Vegas, which took a turn for the worse this past February. 

His last video on social media, posted around that time, is of him assuring the public he was in good health. 

“My health is good. I mean, obviously, I’m dealing with some issues…but hey, I’m just about over it, and I’ll be back on that golf course hopefully in a couple of weeks.”

Prior to that, the football star posted a video denying reports he was entering hospice care.

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