I've lived in the Tonawandas all of my life.  Grew up in the Town of Tonawanda, lived for a time in the City of Tonawanda and for the past 15 years have lived in North Tonawanda.  And to this day there are some street names I still don't know how to properly pronounce.

We've brought this subject up on the air several times and even then we didn't get a positive resolution to the pronunciation dilemma.  Some of these are likely family names and we've had people over the years claim they know or knew the family and say they pronounced their name a certain way.  Then still others claim the family name was pronounced differently.

Do you have street names you're not sure how to pronounce?  Here are the ones all in the Town of Tonawanda I've always wondered about:

  • Google Maps

    Fries Road

    Is it Frys…...or is it Freeze?   The old joke is that it's Frys in the summer and Freeze in the winter.  I still don't know which it really is.

  • Google Maps

    Koenig Road

    Looks like a German name to me, but is it Kay-nig or is it Coe-nig?  I've heard it pronounced both ways.

  • Google Earth

    Knochne Rd.

    This one is likely another German name and by far this one has the most pronunciations I've heard;

    • Nockney
    • Kinokey
    • Kinahck
    • Kinock
    • Kinosh
    • Noshney
    • Nahshney

    This is the one that many people claim to know the family and they've come up with all of these various ways to say it.

  • Google Earth

    Dolphann Dr.

    Is it Dolfin or Dolfan?  I've heard both.