Buffalo Bills fans are going to be flooding London in about a week.  So it's time for fans on both sides of the pond to learn how to pronounce town names here and there.

The Bills are headed to London

The Buffalo Bills will have a regular season game in London next week.  It's part of the NFL's plan to help gain excitement for American football and possibly expand to other countries one day.  Over the last couple of years, many teams have played in cities like Toronto, London, and Mexico City.  This year, the Bills will take on the Jacksonville Jaguars in London on October 8th.

There are pros and cons to playing overseas

While playing in other countries is a great idea for the NFL to increase its fanbase across the world, it has its ups and downs for the franchise.  The first con is the amount of travel time that a team has to endure to get there.  If you've ever been on a long trip, it can sometimes take a little time to acclimate once you get there.  So it can have an effect on the game.  In the case of the Bills and the Jags, the Jags will have already been there for a week because they have to play a game there this week.

Also, it kind of takes the "home team advantage" away.  While Bills fans travel very well, there is nothing like being at Highmark Stadium in front of over 70,000 Western New York fans.

However, it is kind of cool to be able to play for fans who follow the team from London.

There are tons of Bills fans in London

For years now, there has been a group in London called the "London Bills Backers" who have supported the Bills.  They watch every week and are fans just like we are.  They just don't have the opportunity to watch them in person like we do.  So this is a great opportunity for them.

Can people in London pronounce Western New York town names (and vice versa)?

The London Bills Backers asked people in London to try to attempt to pronounce towns here in New York.  And vice versa, they asked people from Western New York to pronounce places in England.

Could you pronounce words like Leicester and Edinburgh?  How do you think they did with words like Cattaraugus and Canandaigua?

Who do you think did it better?

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