Most people can expect to move at least 11 times in their lives.  Most often it's the result of employment opportunities or family changes.  Sometimes it's just the pursuit of something different.  Ideally you want to pick a place that's good for raising a family, but there are so many factors involved how do you sort them all out?

The personal finance website WalletHub has done the research for you and based on 41 different factors Overland Park, Kansas emerges as the best place to raise a family from among the top 150 most populated U-S cities.  It ranked in the Top 5 in Socio-Economic Factors and in Health and Safety and was the Number One Most Affordable city.

Los Angeles ranked Number One in Family Fun.  Fremont, CA was Number One in Socio-Economics and in Health and Safety.  The top city in the category of Education and Child Care was Madison, WI.

Buffalo ranked as the 5th Most Affordable city for housing in the country and surprisingly ranked 24th in Family Fun.  Family Fun took into consideration the number of playgrounds, ice rinks, skate parks, walkability, bike paths, public parks and average commute time. But Buffalo ranked near the bottom in Socio-Economics.  In other words, jobs are scarce and the pay isn't all that good, but you'll have a good time.

Here's the complete WalletHub report:

Source: WalletHub


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