The Buffalo Sabres found the perfect way to help Buffalo sports fans take their mind off the awful Buffalo Bills lost on Sunday and the current 5 game losing streak that the Buffalo Sabres are on.

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They announced that they got a new team dog! This week the Buffalo Sabres announced that the team adopted a new dog to officially be the team dog. Rick is an 8-month-old Newfoundland who was rescued by the Niagara SPCA.

You might be thinking that Rick is an unusual name for a dog, but his name has a very special meaning for the Buffalo Sabres. Rick the dog is named after Buffalo Sabres legendary broadcaster Rick Jeanneret.

Jeanneret is in his last year of calling Buffalo Sabres games and if you grew up a fan of the Buffalo Sabres, Rick Jeanneret is the voice you use to hear calling every game. He has called every season of Sabres hockey except the very first year of the franchise in 1970. Ted Darling was the announcer for the Sabres during the 1970-71 season.

Rick started his career calling the Buffalo Sabres games on radio and then made the transition to calling the games on TV in 1995 and then did both radio and television starting in 1997.

During his time as the Buffalo Sabres announced Jeanneret has released two albums of his best calls from the Sabres game. He is most known for his famous call of "Top Shelf, where momma hides the cookies!", which was the title of his second album.

He is also part of several Hall of Fames, including the Buffalo Sabres Hall of Fame, the Greater Buffalo Sports Hall of Fame the Hockey Hall of Fame and the Buffalo Broadcasting Hall of Fame.

Because of health concerns, Jeanneret is only calling 20 games this season for the Buffalo Sabres. His final call will be on Friday, April 29 as the Buffalo Sabres take on the Chicago Blackhawks.  

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